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    What we do...

    We replace human labor with digital labor.
    We utilize our cloud-based infrastructure to tie all business processes together into one digital solution, and we provide the financing to pay for it.
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    How we do it...

    We automate all business processes into one unified custom solution.
    Our automation platform includes cloud-based business intelligence accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7 via any device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc); all benefits of secure offsite data storage; full management of system security and enhancements to the core framework; and a 99.9% uptime service level agreement.
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  • Hello Fellow Entrepreneurs!

    Integrating automation into an existing business is a very complex process. I have started, bought, sold, and/or merged many businesses since the mid 90's when I began my entrepreneurial career.
    The birth of the internet and advancements in desktop and mobile computing have offered businesses unparalleled opportunities for greater efficiency and profitability by utilizing these technologies even if - maybe ESPECIALLY if - a company is not a technology company. Technology has made my businesses profitable and competitive (I was using the "cloud" for business, before it was even called the "cloud"!). My goal is that Robotaton will continue to do that for every American company that is open to bringing automation into its daily routine.

    Please read more about us and give us a shout. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Dan Abbate, CEO
  • Our Associates

    Robotaton relies on an outside referral network of associates to locate businesses we can improve through our investment and technology solutions.
    We work with businesses needing large custom automation solutions. Robotaton designs, builds, and finances custom automation, and receives its payback out of the operational savings the automation creates, resulting in a net-zero cost to the business. From a simple referral to closing a deal, Associates (individuals or organizations) make a percentage of the money we invest in the client business. Roughly translated, this means Associates make a commission ($1,000s-$10,000s per deal) on something that the client business doesn't have to spend any money on. That's pretty nifty.
    Here's the process:
    1) Register with Robotaton via our online registration form.
    2) Connect us with a client business interested in being considered for custom automation that results in a completed Robotaton project. (We also pre-qualify businesses for purchase financing - i.e. we'll help someone ELSE buy a business and then automate it!)
    3) Receive referral fee!
  • Reps


    Robotaton utilizes a variety of in-house and independent reps to scout for potential client businesses from across the nation. We are currently seeking motivated professional reps to add to our growing network.
    If you are an individual looking to join our team please send an email to info@robotaton.com; include a cover letter and resume.
    If you are an independent rep or rep organization looking for a new opportunity to grow your business, please register here.

  • Brokers

    Business Brokers come in contact with a variety of businesses on a daily basis, many that would benefit from Robotaton's custom automation.

    The following types of businesses would easily benefit from a Robotaton investment:
    1) Those coming to market for sale that are looking to increase profit and efficiency to maximize sales price.
    2) Those that need to improve their bottom line (i.e. might not be currently profitable) before a sale is feasible.
    3) Those that were just sold to a new owner as part of a merger or consolidation and the whole organization needs to be evaluated for custom automation solutions as part of the new ownership transition and improvements.

    If you are interested in becoming a Robotaton Associate please register here.

  • Consultants

    Consultants help us reach new and varying industries. Regardless of the area of business you specialize in - from energy efficiency to feng shui-ing offices and beyond - there is always the potential for custom automation in the businesses you are already working with. Robotaton provides additional assitance to the clients - all it takes is a simple referral of the client to Robotaton and we take it from there - and you receive a commission based on your referral.
    If you are ready to become a Robotaton Associate please register here.

  • Our address

    Telephone:+1 561 766 1223
    FAX:+1 866 541 4286
    E-mail: info@robotaton.com

  • Privacy policy

    Robotaton takes the security and privacy of information very seriously.
    Any confidential, proprietary or public information gathered by Robotaton via its website, company evaluations or otherwise is never shared except for the purpose of creating a custom technology solution. To that end, information collected is shared with individuals and companies on a "need to know basis" only and is removed from our records and systems at the completion of the project.
    Long story short we take serious care to protect your information!
  • History

    Founder Dan Abbate has a passion for looking at a balance sheet, flow chart or any analog business process and imagining a way to make them digital.

    When approaching a business, Dan asks himself: How can I make this company run more smoothly? What can I do to consolidate effort and decrease cost? How can I make sure this business is profitable so it can grow? How do I provide a better customer experience?


    The common answer to all of these questions is automation through computer software and hardware, or as Dan likes to call it, 'Bots (as in Robots). Once built and fully implemented a 'Bot serves its intended purpose 24/7, completely and without fail - a valuable asset to the company.

    Despite the fact that such 'Bots save money and streamline daily processes, the distractions and capital requirements of day-to-day operations often impede the planning and implementation of any such new technology into a business - for small and mid-market businesses, there is just not enough time or money or energy to do it all.


    After turning around a variety of unprofitable companies, and maximizing profits on several companies that were market leaders, Dan decided to help others by applying this strategy nationwide and bringing together the necessary intellectual and capital resources to guarantee that ALL American companies have the opportunity to incorporate cutting edge custom automation into their business.

    Thus Robotaton was born.

    With Robotaton, a business owner or management team doesn't have to have the knowledge, time, or money to plan and roll out an automation implementation on its own; we do it for them. We make the largest operational and financial impact in the shortest amount of time and don't take any money unless we save money for our client companies. If we can't design an automation plan to benefit a business, we pass on partnering with them.

    We hope Robotaton becomes a part of your team. It's our goal to boost every American business through automation.

  • Philosophy

    We live in a world of technology. In the same way we integrate technology into our everyday lives, any business activities that can utilize technology, must utilize technology to remain competitive in a global marketplace.


    Big businesses have the resources to maintain entire departments dedicated to nothing but efficiency through technology. Small and mid-market businesses don't have the money or the manpower to keep pace with technology on their own. Robotaton brings the resources needed to make sure businesses of all sizes can take advantage of current technologies.

    A custom automation implementation should realize an immediate return on investment. Robotaton only works with companies where automation will make a definitive operational and financial impact. If we cannot immediately help a business' bottom line, we won't waste their time (or our money) implementing unnecessary technology.

    The competitive advantage of a business is brought about by its uniqueness. Just as every business is unique, the technology running each business must be equally unique. Standard off-the-shelf automation solutions are often difficult to integrate in the chain of business processes that have already made a company successful. Instead, custom automation must be tailored to fit each business, and be regularly reevaluated as new technology becomes available and business practices change.

    Robotaton advances American business and levels the global playing field through our approach to custom automation.

  • Investments

    Robotaton creates end to end automated processes in all industries, replacing human labor with digital labor.

    Robotaton automation improvements are financed through the operational savings generated by those improvements, resulting in a net zero cost to the customer.

    Robotaton's automation development process requires limited customer investment of time during the design and testing phase and no company downtime at implementation of automation.


    We provide the following features:

    The Know-How. Robotaton designs an end-to-end automated system for business activities. This system is one single unit that is adapted specifically to each customer's business and replaces the various, un-related systems that client businesses are currently using.

    The White Glove Service. Bottom line - the customer doesn't have to deal with it; it's our job to figure it out. Robotaton examines the information needs and operations of each company, and then confers with clients to design, create, and implement an automated solution (from start to finish) with as little time investment from clients as possible.

    The Financing Component. Robotaton's services have a net zero cost to the client: companies pay out of the savings our automation creates, not out of operational cash flow; and payments don't begin until the automation is implemented.

    After Sale Services. Robotaton provides ongoing upgrades, cloud based computing (off site data storage), management of security patches, updates and the platform, and 24/7 99.9% service level uptime agreements.

    Scability and Support. The automated business process solution that we create can (for a fee) be added to, or changed, or reconfigured down the line as business processes change. After the customer has been running the Robotaton solution for a time and they want to adapt or change or reconfigure something, we can do that. The technology is flexible and can grow and change with business needs.

    Want to learn more? Click below.

  • Capital


    Automation implementations cost a lot of money, most of which must be paid upfront and out-of-pocket while the work is being done.

    Robotaton removes the financial pressure from client businesses by investing its own capital to fully cover all costs of the implementation.

    Here are our Financing Options:
    (based upon credit approval)

    1) Robotaton Direct Financing
    6-36 months; 0% interest

    2) Robotaton Partner Financing
    36-60 months; fixed and variable interest rates available

    3) Customer Cash Payment - earns 10% customer discount

    Remember: Regardless of which finance option you choose, you pay out of the savings our automation creates - not out of operational cash flow! Most designs are fully implemented within six months or less. Once implemented, savings are realized by the client business who begins to pay back Robotaton's investment (often splitting the savings 50/50 so both the client business and Robotaton see results immediately); then within 6-36 months (depending on the cost-to-savings ratio) Robotaton is paid out of its position and the customer reaps 100% of the savings going forward.

  • Intellectual

    Robotaton is an 'end-to-end' solution - we take it from start to finish for companies who do not want to do it on their own. We are dedicated partners who look at the business as if it were our own.

    We interface between clients and techies to translate best business practices into best automation practices. We ensure there is no down time in the company while we create, test, and implement the automated solution.

    Robotaton customers experience the following benefits: a competitive advantage; increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency; decreased operating costs; peace of mind; ease of use; real time access to accurate information that is completely integrated; increased data security; and flexibility to scale with the business.


    Robotaton is concerned with providing the highest quality solution at the lowest cost. Our motivation is our partner businesses' motivation: spend as little as possible and build a high quality solution that will result in the largest possible operational benefits to increase the bottom line.

  • Preliminary Application

    Want Robotaton to invest in your business?
    Please fill out the below and we'll contact you to begin the evaluation process.

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    (Please include information about what your business does, its clientele, Gross Revenue range, etc. Write as much or as little as you deem necessary.)
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    (Please include Part Time/Full Time, Managers, Owner Status (PT/FT/Absentee) etc.)
    Business Location:
    (Please include general information on building type, square footage, number of locations if applicable, etc.)

  • Associate Registration

    To register as an associate please complete the form below. Once you have registered and you are approved in the system (usually within 24 hours) you may begin sending referrals via email to support@robotaton.com.

    Enter an active Email Address and a new password to be used to log into Robotaton.
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  • Under Construction

    We are getting close! 95% of the website should be up and running ahead of schedule by June 15th 2013. Check back every few days to see the updates.