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Use automation to replace human labor with digital labor.

Robotaton helps you scale up your business by automating business processes and putting disparate systems all under one umbrella - your accounting system talks directly to your inventory system; your dispatch talks directly to your GPS fleet management; etc. We remove the human element from these processes so you can either redeploy your staff to concentrate on other tasks, or eliminate some of them to increase your cash flow.

Plus, we'll front the cash for customizing the Robotaton system to your needs - once it's in place (usually within 3-6 months) we split the generated savings for a set amount of time, resulting in a net zero cost to you!

What we do...

We automate companywide business processes to accomplish day-to-day repetitive tasks without human intervention.

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How we do it...

We use our proprietary automation platform and customize it to do exactly what it needs to do for your business. This single, easy-to-use platform is accessible from anywhere in the world 24/7 via any device (desktop, tablet, mobile, etc); data is securely stored offsite; and we fully manage the system, providing security and enhancements to the core framework on a regular basis.

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